Terms and Conditions

  1. Order.

    Agencies may use written orders, Electronic Document Interface (EDI) orders, blanket purchase orders, individual purchase orders, or task orders for ordering services under this contract. Blanket purchase orders shall not extend beyond the end of the contract period. While the General Services Administration (GSA) has negotiated service rates for Automated Data Processing (ADP) Services, Field Buying Offices are responsible for any necessary statement of work, the reasonableness of the time frame for the Contractor to perform the work, and the reasonableness of the labor mix between labor categories.
  2. Invoices and Payment.

    The contractor shall submit invoices for ADP Services as soon as possible after completion of the work. Payment under the blanket purchase orders will be made quarterly or monthly, except where cash payment procedures are used. Invoices shall be submitted separately to each Government office ordering services under the contract. Prompt Payment Discount, if applicable, shall be shown on the invoice.
  3. Performance of Services.

    1. The Contractor shall commence performance of services on the date agreed to by the Contractor and the Government.
    2. The Contractor agrees to render services only during normal working hours, unless otherwise agreed to by the Contractor and the Government.
    3. All services rendered shall be performed by persons who are adequately trained, skilled, and equipped to perform such services in a safe, workmanlike manner, consistent with good work practices.
  4. Responsibilities of the Contractor.

    The Contractor shall comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations (Federal, State, City, or otherwise) covering work of this character.
  5. Independent Contractor.

    All ADP services performed by the Contractor under the terms of this contract shall be as an independent contractor, and not as an agent or employee of the Government.
  6. Guarantee.

    1. The Contractor guarantees the satisfactory completion of all ADP services performed under the contract, and shall exercise sufficient diligence to ensure the technical correctness and accuracy of the services performed. The Contractor shall perform at its sole expense, any services which are determined by the Government to be deficient, in order to ensure the satisfactory completion of such services.
    2. The Contractor further guarantees that all contract personnel utilized in the performance of ADP services under the contract shall have the education, experience, and expertise as stated in the Contractor's Authorized ADP Pricelist.
  7. Travel.

    Any travel required by an ordering agency, in performance of ADP Services under this contract, will be reimbursed by the ordering agency. Contractor travel will be in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) or Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), as applicable. Estimated Federal Government per diem rates will apply to Contractor travel.
  8. Other Direct Costs (ODCs).

    ODC's are available outside the scope of this contract. These costs will be negotiated separately with the ordering agency per the guidelines set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).
    For travel, Agencies are to follow the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) or Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) as applicable.
  9. Résumés.

    Résumés shall be provided to the GSA Contracting Officer or the user agency upon request.